Duval-Leroy 1996 Cuvée Femme Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

Duval-Leroy 1996 Cuvée Femme Brut Sparkling (Champagne)
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As it develops in bottle, this wine retains all its intense acidity. But it has now brought in a toast and yeast character that gives it even greater complexity. It is a wine that is also a Champagne, now in full flow of mineral richness, still with a long way to develop.

Femme is Duval-Leroy’s top cuvée. This, from the great 1996 vintage, is as much wine as sparkling experience. It has great depth of flavor and a powerful steely background, with tight acidity. The grapefruit flavor is only superficial, because behind this crispness, the wine shows considerable richness.

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