Krug NV Grande Cuvée Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

Krug NV Grande Cuvée Brut Sparkling (Champagne)
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With its minimum of six years’ bottle aging, this is a beautifully integrated, mature wine. It has a wonderful toast character, layered over sliced pears and ripe acidity. With its complex poise between lightness and richness, this remains an intensely impressive wine.

Resplendent in its new shiny gold label, Krug is a majestic Champagne. Its velvet texture, dominated by mature flavors, is toasty and rich, dense and complex. In the mouth, its beautiful roasted almond, spice and ripe pears all balance impressively. Could the wine be getting even better? No question—this is still one of the greatest nonvintage Champagnes.

This multivintage blend nails the essence of Krug, intense richness of fruit and flavor without weight. Meaty mushroom and soy aromas are balanced by rich red fruits, citrus, toast and mineral notes. Long finish. Imported by Clicquot Inc.

The flagship of Krug, this is one of the iconic Champagnes. Its richness and balance of fruit and maturity come both from six years bottle aging before disgorgement and a generous use of reserve wines, so that as many as 10 years can be represented in one blend. The result is a complex wine which goes just as well as an aperitif as a food wine.

On the nose, dried apples and yeast notes are drenched in the rich aromas of clarified butter and malt; in the mouth, expect tons of mousse and a full mouthfeel, plus concentrated, dry fruit flavors (especially pear). Finishes long, with smoldering toast and vanilla flavors. "Very solid stuff," wrote one taster. Worthy of a very special occasion.

Krug prefers to call this wine multivintage rather than nonvintage, but that doesn’t change what it is. Deep yeast, butter and cider aromas lead into full caramel and apple flavors on the weighty palate; it turns a bit sweet-tart on the finish. Perhaps made with juice from some weaker vintages of the early 1990s, it’s nonetheless very good.

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