Ruinart NV Blanc de Blancs Brut Chardonnay (Champagne)

Ruinart NV Blanc de Blancs Brut Chardonnay (Champagne)
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Ruinart is a Chardonnay house, so this wine can be considered one of its signature cuvées. With some bottle age, it is crisp while also toasty with secondary flavors that are balancing the apple and citrus fruits. The wine is well balanced, the soft aftertaste still in keeping with its crisper, textured flavors.

Soft, ripe and fruity, this has a generous texture rounded with an attractive touch of toastiness and rich pear flavors. At the end, with its steely aftertaste and acidity, the wine shows a firmer structure and density. It’s very much in the rich Ruinart style.

Ruinart’s Blanc de Blancs is structured and intensely minerally, but with a rich, full, creamy palate. It is finely balanced—elegant yet fruity—with a bright, crisp aftertaste. Drink now.

White flower and pear aromas offer a wine that is mineral, nervy, vibrating with the freshest white fruits and lemon juice. It is concentrated, showing strong signs of toast, mature flavors, while keeping great richness.

Toasty, floral and full-bodied, with a soft aftertaste, this has a great aromatic swathe initially, with only hints of Chardonnay minerality. The wine is delicious, with ripe white fruits and light acidity to finish.

A very fruity wine with toast and maturity. It also has a creamy texture, but the finish is spoiled by some unbalanced sweetness. Imported by Moët Hennessy USA.

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