Smuttynose-Stone Cluster’s Last Stand

Smuttynose-Stone Cluster’s Last Stand
  • $8/22 oz
  • US
  • Smuttynose
  • 8.4%
  • 22 oz
  • Beer
  • 10/1/2013

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The inspiration behind this brew was a nod to the “founding” American IPAs. The base was modeled off of Ballantine’s first IPA recipe. The intent was to brew with hops that no one really uses anymore (i.e. pre-Prohibition) , particularly Cluster (hence the clever name), but also Bullion and Brewer’s Gold. Slightly kitschy concept aside, this is a well-balanced and approachable beer that shows great interplay between the complex, malty core and fruit-forward hop characteristics. There’s a warm, spicy flavor to the palate, while pine and resinous-citrus flavors linger through the long close.

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