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90 points

Darting 2007 Durkheimer Michelsberg Kabinett Riesling (Pfalz)

This is a big step up from the other Darting kabinetts, offering more minerality, more concentration and more spicy complexity, all because of the defining kalkmerkel soils. Ripe pear fruit provides a base, but this is more about mineral and spice.  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009
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89 points

Darting 2007 Durkheimer Nonnengarten Auslese Rieslaner (Pfalz)

There aren’t many Rieslaner bottlings out there, so this may be one of the few chances people have of trying this interesting variety. It starts off smoky and herbal, developing strange leafy flavors that take some getting used to, although there’s an undercurrent of lime-like fruit as well. Sweet without being too…  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009
88 points

Darting 2007 Durkheimer Spielberg Spätlese Scheurebe (Pfalz)

From a west-facing site, this Scheurebe isn’t as varietally intense as some, but that may actually make it easier to enjoy for folks new to the variety. There’s plenty of pink grapefruit, and a refreshingly sour, lingering finish.  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009
88 points

Darting 2007 Ungsteiner Herrenberg Spätlese Trocken Riesling (Pfalz)

Plump, round and easygoing in style, this must weigh in near the high side of residual sugar for a trocken, coming across as dry without seeming austere. Lemon and lime flavors are tinged with hints of mint and apple.  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009
87 points

Darting 2007 Durkheimer Hochbenn Trocken Muskateller (Pfalz)

This slightly flowery wine truly speaks of its variety, bursting with aromas of orange zest and peppery spice. It’s medium in body, with some attractive fleshy pear notes, but falls away a bit quickly on the finish. Best as an apéritif.  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009
86 points

Darting 2007 Durkheimer Fronhof Kabinett Trocken Riesling (Pfalz)

This is a light, fresh Riesling with just a touch of residual sugar (at 7.5 g/l most people won’t really notice it). From a sandy site, it doesn’t show great power or complexity, just a pleasing mouthful of easy-to-drink lemon-lime flavors.  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009
86 points

Darting 2007 Durkheimer Nonnengarten Kabinett Gewürztraminer (Pfalz)

This pretty little Gewürz boasts some fragrant, rose-like aromas, but surprisingly modest spice. Instead, there’s plenty of syrupy pear flavors and a burst of citrus on the finish.  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009
86 points

Darting 2007 Durkheimer Nonnengarten Kabinett Riesling (Pfalz)

Reasonably sweet (25 g/l residual sugar) but not overly so, this soft, easy-to-drink wine features melon and citrus notes. It’s a light style, pretty and attractive at a good price.  — J.C.   Published 6/1/2009