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94 points

Egon Müller 2011 Scharzhofberger Auslese Riesling (Mosel)

Opening notes of smoke and dried herb blow off to reveal layers of ripe tangerine, honey, lemon and lime on this aromatic medium-sweet Riesling. The palate is lusciously fruity, with rich, ripe flavors of mango and peach, but cut by piercing citrus acidity that penetrates. The finish lingers on and on.

 — A.I.   Published 6/1/2014
  • Editors' Choice
93 points

Egon Müller 2011 Scharzhofberger Spatlese Riesling (Mosel)

Exotic aromas of tropical fruit and honey tangerines introduce this intensely fruity yet elegantly structured spätlese. The palate is powerfully concentrated, all the while, being lifted by a spray of citrus acidity and crushed minerals. It’s unabashedly sweet with fruit, yet finishes remarkably dry.

 — A.I.   Published 12/1/2013
92 points

Egon Müller 2001 Scharzhof Kabinett Riesling (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer)

A classic from a great vineyard site, the 2001 kabinett boasts grassy, lime aromas and plenty of tart, citrusy, green-apple fruit. It’s an S&M wine—the piercing acidity almost painful, while the fresh, sweet fruit provides intense pleasure. Rare is the kabinett that will improve over 20 years, but this one’s a…

 — J.C.   Published 3/1/2003
  • Cellar Selection
91 points

Egon Müller 2011 Scharzhof Riesling (Mosel)

Redolent with sweet peach and nectarine, this penetrating off-dry Riesling is chock full of juicy, fruity nectar, but honed by a streak of acidity that keeps the palate bright and fresh. Finishes long, with a murmur of orange-pith astringency.

 — A.I.   Published 2/1/2014
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90 points

Egon Müller 2010 Scharzhof Riesling (Mosel)

Thirty bucks may seem like a lot for an entry-level Riesling, but this is an exemplary example. Aromas of wet stones, moss and spring flowers are mouthwatering, and then are followed by a complex array of nonfruity flavors, like stones and greens carried along by a mouthfeel that’s light as a feather. Tart pineapple…

 — J.C.   Published 6/1/2012
90 points

Egon Müller 2007 Scharzhofberger Kabinett Riesling (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer)

Very perfumed and floral, with added scents of lime and strawberry. On the palate, slaty, stony notes and lime flavors balance the considerable sweetness, ending long and stridently tart. The crisp acids give this the backbone to age 10 or more years.

 — J.C.   Published 10/1/2009
89 points

Egon Müller 2011 Scharzhofberger Kabinett Riesling (Mosel)

Hints of crushed wet stones lend intense minerality to zesty lemon-lime and floral aromas on the nose. It’s just a shade off dry in style, with elegant stone fruit flavors and nervous acidity that ripples on the palate.

 — A.I.   Published 12/1/2013
89 points

Egon Müller 2008 Scharzhof Riesling (Mosel-Saar-Ruwer)

Prevailing lemony, citrus-cocktail aromas with hints of almond macaroons. Though medium sweet, it is lip-smackingly crisp and racy, with zesty citrus flavors following through on the palate. Moderately intense and reasonably taut, if a little austere.

 — W.E.   Published 3/1/2011
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