92 points

Everett Ridge 2006 Old Vine Zinfandel (Dry Creek Valley)

Classic Dry Creek Zin. There’s a reason this warmish Sonoma region is so famous for Zinfandel, and here it is. The wine is strong and spicy and tannic, with profuse wild berry, pine cone, red currant, cherry liqueur and cola flavors, made piquant with Indian spices. Despite its exuberance, it’s dry and balanced…

 — S.H.   Published 7/1/2010
90 points

Everett Ridge 1998 Old Vines Zinfandel (Dry Creek Valley)

Very pretty nose, with plenty of raspberry-focused fruit, and a nice creamy mouthfeel. Delicious, mouth-filling, concentrated wine, with a lot of finesse and a wonderful ripeness. Smooth tannins, long finish, with a touch of toast.

 — P.G.   Published 3/1/2001
90 points

Everett Ridge 2001 Zinfandel (Dry Creek Valley)

Spicy plum and black cherry notes lead the way, followed by a pleasing blend of blackberry, cassis, coffee, chocolate and vanilla. Tannins are firm and focused, giving supple strength to the whole. Quite nice. Elegant to the end.

 — W.E.   Published 11/1/2003
89 points

Everett Ridge 1999 Nuns Canyon Vineyard Syrah (Sonoma Valley)

Gamy, menthol-and-leather notes envelope the creamy blackberry aromas on the nose of this Syrah. Strong toast and mint notes bolster the sour blackberry fruit on the palate. The wine’s tart, dry chalk-berry finish and dry tannins prompted one taster to say, "Water…now. I need water."

 — W.E.   Published 11/1/2001
89 points

Everett Ridge 1997 Old Vines Zinfandel (Dry Creek Valley)

The aroma is classic Dry Creek Zin: all wild berries (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry), rich dried earth under a hot summer sun, licorice, raisins and plums. On the palate, there’s gobs of rich, ripe fruit. A very dry Zin, with the burn of high alcohol (14.7%). Tannins are silky soft, but complex. Maybe a tad rough…

 — S.H.   Published 2/1/2000
88 points

Everett Ridge 2000 Nuns Canyon Vineyard Syrah (Sonoma Valley)

A single-vineyard wine, and a very good one. Stylish from the start, with polished tannins framing plummy, berry flavors, and a super-smooth mouthfeel. Nice and dry. Rich foods will cut through the thick tannins.

 — S.H.   Published 12/15/2003
87 points

Everett Ridge 2008 Estate Syrah (Dry Creek Valley)

Here’s a big, lusty Syrah, unapologetic for its lush, ripe flavors and easy deliciousness. It’s so fruity in cherries, blackberries, cola and dark chocolate, it’s almost a dessert wine, except that it finishes dry.

 — S.H.   Published 3/1/2012
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87 points

Everett Ridge 2006 Estate Petite Sirah (Dry Creek Valley)

This Petite Sirah is soft and very dry, a wine to drink now and for the next few years. With its easy tannins, it shows baked fruit tart flavors of blackberries and currants, with an edge of crushed peppercorn.

 — S.H.   Published 12/15/2008
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