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Neirano 1998 Le Croci Barbera (Barbera d'Asti Superiore)

Jazzy juice like this is why savvy enthusiasts are big on Barbera. Showcases the fine fruit typical of the Piedmont’s recent hot streak of vintages. It’s also an example of a more confident, balanced use of oak in the best examples of this workhorse grape. Presents stylish chocolate, dark berry and game notes…

 — M.M.   Published 11/15/2002
89 points

Neirano 1997 Nebbiolo (Barolo)

Flavors of cherry tomato and dried cherries with a little saltiness need pasta or grilled meat to show their best. The aroma is a meal in itself, with chestnuts, hard salami and roasted game. A little tart on the finish, but quite enjoyable.

 — C.S.   Published 11/15/2002
87 points

Neirano 2003 Barbera (Barbera d'Asti)

Even a low-acid vintage such as 2003 should not be this mature. Despite its premature aging, the Neirano is a pretty, seamless wine that should be consumed fairly quickly. Strawberry compote, earth and spice give the wine an interesting complexity. Drink now.

 — M.G.   Published 4/1/2007
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Neirano 2001 Nebbiolo (Barolo)

The delicious Neirano is near maturity and ready to drink. It is showing plenty of plummy, dried fruit, spices, herb and smoked meat. It is a pleasant wine, but with a little more concentration could be an outstanding one.

 — M.G.   Published 4/1/2007
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Neirano 2008 Pitulé Moscato (Moscato d'Asti)

This Moscato is a great value, a perfect opening for a big party. Made in a subtle, lightly sweet style, with sophisticated gardenia and white flower scents on the nose. A jazzy midpalate mineral note contributes some edge, while the elegant finish trails off into intriguing notes of fresh ginger and roasted…

 — W.E.   Published 2/1/2010
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Neirano 1995 Nebbiolo (Barolo)

This is a Barolo you could probably enjoy tonight with dinner. Its leathery aromas mixed with a mature touch of forest and roasted fruit say “I’m ready.” Medium-bodied and not too tannic, it has a full and ripe cherry flavor, an attribute for an early-drinker such as this.

 — W.E.   Published 9/1/2000
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Neirano 2003 Dolcetto (Dolcetto d'Alba)

Despite the deep crimson color, the nose is surprisingly delicate; showing strawberries and red cherry. Pleasant, easy drinking and well balanced, but not particularly concentrated, this is a wine that will work easily with a wide variety of food without drawing much attention to itself.

 — M.G.   Published 12/31/2007
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Neirano 2002 Dolcetto (Dolcetto d'Alba)

Minty, with cinnamon on the nose but not much fruit. Subtle flavors of raspberry and blackberry poke forward on the palate, and the finish is nice, with cherry candy and bitter chocolate flavors. Not terribly complex, but it holds the line and keeps itself together from front to back.

 — M.S.   Published 12/15/2003
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