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Peregrine 2006 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)

A pleasant stylistic change from Peregrine, whose wines have been somewhat chunky in the past, this vintage nicely captures Pinot’s elusive silky texture and complex aromas. It’s highly perfumed, with hints of herbs and roses wrapped around a soft core of lush black-cherry fruit. Finishes long, framed by soft…

 — J.C.   Published 12/1/2007
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Peregrine 2012 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)

This is textbook Central Otago Pinot, from the nuances of wild thyme to the bold cherry fruit and mouthwatering finish. This medium-bodied wine is structured enough to last several years, but soft enough to drink now.

 — J.C.   Published 7/1/2015
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Peregrine 2011 Pinot Gris (Central Otago)

This fruit-forward Pinot Gris is dominated by pear and pineapple notes. Some custardy richness adds to the mouthfeel, while bright citrus sparks the finish. Drink now.

 — J.C.   Published 10/1/2013
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Peregrine 2009 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)

Unabashedly New World in style, Peregrine’s 2009 combines lusty fruit with ample oak accents to create a moderately complex, silky-textured Pinot Noir. The cherry fruit is accented by hints of vanilla, graham cracker and a delicate wreath of smoked meat. Drink now–2017.

 — J.C.   Published 4/1/2013
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Peregrine 2007 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)

Peregrine’s wines have settled into a consistent groove, marrying subtle herb and mossy notes with an enveloping core of black cherry fruit. The 2007 is medium in body, with a slightly creamy texture and a supple, bacon-tinged finish that avoids being overly soft. Drink it over the next five years.

 — J.C.   Published 11/1/2009
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Peregrine 2005 Rastasburn Riesling (Central Otago)

This medium-bodied Riesling combines relatively high alcohol (13%) with ample residual sugar to add even greater richness and mouthfeel. But because of its excellent levels of acidity, it doesn’t come across as particularly sweet or heavy. Tangerine, apple and spice notes linger elegantly on the finish.

 — J.C.   Published 11/1/2006
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Peregrine 1999 Gewürztraminer (Central Otago)

Oily and showing good varietal character in its rose-petal and lychee aromas. Tastes more pear-like, with loads of musk and spice that give it an exotic, perfumed character that persists through the long finish.

 — J.C.   Published 5/1/2001
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Peregrine 2011 Pinot Noir (Central Otago)

This medium-bodied, supple wine is laced with notes of hickory smoke, mushroom and ripe cherries. It’s pleasantly jammy, with just enough savory and structural elements to keep its fruity side in check. Drink now–2017.

 — J.C.   Published 11/1/2014