90 points

Vionta 2005 Albariño (Rías Baixas)

Full and robust in its approach. The bouquet is fragrant and expansive, with melon and honey aromas pouring forth with gusto. The flavors are quite delicious, a near-perfect blend of apple, melon and citrus. The word on the street is that 2005 Albariños offer great fruit-to-acid balance. This wine is an example of…

 — M.S.   Published 9/1/2006
89 points

Vionta 2010 Limited Release Albariño (Rías Baixas)

Simple and airy on the nose, with melon, apple and citrus notes. It’s spritzy, healthy and citrusy in the mouth, with comfortable, familiar pineapple and melon flavors. Holds steady on the finish. Very nice for immediate drinking.

 — M.S.   Published 12/15/2011
88 points

Vionta 2008 Limited Release Albariño (Rías Baixas)

A clean, snappy style of Albariño with pear, apple, white pepper and citrus aromas. Tight across the palate, with green apple and orange flavors. Citrus controls the finish, and overall it's focused and designed to go with shellfish.

 — M.S.   Published 11/1/2009
88 points

Vionta 2006 Estate Bottled Single Vineyard Limited Release Albariño (Rías Baixas)

Vionta aims for the racy, lively style of Albariño, and for the most part it nails it. Aromas of peach and nectarine are youthful and pure, while the flavors of apple, peach and lime are pleasant. Not over the top but instead it achieves balance and ease. Imported by Freixenet, USA.

 — M.S.   Published 12/15/2007
87 points

Vionta 2009 Limited Release Albariño (Rías Baixas)

Fairly pungent, with apple and lemon aromas that are typical for the variety. The palate has an edge to it and jacked-up acidity that pushes citrus and pineapple flavors toward tangy. With so much citrus character and acidity, it’s lasting and scouring.

 — M.S.   Published 2/1/2011
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87 points

Vionta 2001 Estate Bottled-Single Vineyard-Limited Edition White (Rías Baixas)

This single-vineyard Albariño is medium-full in body, but it’s still crisp, which makes it a great alternative-to-Chard candidate for dinner. Its core is pear and apple; mustard seed, chalk and white pepper dress up the nose. —D.M.

 — D.T.   Published 4/1/2003
86 points

Vionta 2011 Limited Release Albariño (Rías Baixas)

Butterscotch and candle wax aromas signal a wine in the early stages of decline. In addition, this shows dusty apple and mild citrus scents. The palate is being kept upright by citrusy acidity, while flavors of nectarine and citrus end with bready, aged notes. Drink immediately or wait for the 2012.

 — M.S.   Published 8/1/2013
86 points

Vionta 2007 Albariño (Rías Baixas)

From the Freixenet group of wineries, Vionta is clean but more neutral than we’d like to see. You won’t be offended by the wine’s green apple and lemon flavors, which are wet, fresh and zesty. But you might like a touch more refinement and dimension. A good wine, but a basic one.

 — M.S.   Published 12/15/2008