René Geoffroy

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René Geoffroy 2006 Volupté Premier Cru Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

  1. $84
Rich, ripe and full bodied, this is a warm, Chardonnay-dominated blend. It has crisp apple and citrus flavors, followed by a quince note and a touch of apricot. The fruit for this wine is sourced from premier cru vineyards, and it could age a few more months in bottle. Disgorged January 2012.  — R.V.  (12/1/2012)

René Geoffroy 2006 Empreinte Premier Cru Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

  1. $60
Geoffroy’s style produces a full, rich offering, one that benefits from ripe Pinot Noir. The vintage gives it a soft, rounded character, featuring pear, quince and seemingly sweet citrus flavors. It is balanced, with a crisp finish.  — R.V.  (12/1/2012)

René Geoffroy 2004 Millesimé Extra Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

The bone-dry crispness of this wine showcases Geoffroy’s full style. It has weight, intense acidity and flavors of taut lime and pure mineral. Age for 2–3 years. Disgorged December 2011.  — R.V.  (12/1/2012)

René Geoffroy NV Expression Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

  1. $50
This full-bodied wine is packed with citrus and tight, apple-driven acidity, as well as a rich touch of apricot. This fruitiness is balanced by a deliciously refreshing character that creates texture and a steely, minerally feel.  — R.V.  (12/1/2012)

René Geoffroy NV Blanc de Rosé Extra Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

Despite its name, this is in fact a rosé, which is light orange-pink in color. It is bone dry, mineral, taut and crisp. Red currant and lime flavors mingle with a tight acidity and totally dry aftertaste. Disgorged June 2012.  — R.V.  (12/1/2012)

René Geoffroy NV Rosé de Saignée Premier Cru Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

This full, rich style of rosé gets its color from grape skins, which provides a touch of tannin as well as strawberry flavor and attractive acidity. It’s definitely for food.  — R.V.  (12/1/2012)

René Geoffroy NV Cuvée Prestige Premier Cru Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

  1. $51
Certainly this wine, a blend of two-thirds Chardonnay and one-third Pinot Noir, has fine acidity and flavors of toast, but it is somewhat unbalanced by a mix of crisp fruit and sweetness from the dosage, which has not fully integrated.  — R.V.  (12/1/2002)

René Geoffroy NV Cuvée Selectionee Cuvée Prestige Brut Sparkling (Champagne)

  1. $42
A wine that is too tart and hard, with flavors of unripe apples. The one redeeming feature is the mature toasty element that shows through the awkward fruit.  — R.V.  (12/1/2002)
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